10 Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with taking caution of every bit of information been exposed to you, since the health of the mother significantly affect the health of the fetus.

One of the major concerns during pregnancy is sex and how to do it right. However there are various sex positions that are healthy to the mother and the developing baby.

Sex is very important for the health of the mother. It makes the mother strong and active.

However, there are various myths that surrounds the idea of having sex during pregnancy.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Will it harm the developing baby?

What are the right sex positions during pregnancy? You will find answers to these questions by reading this article.

The Myth of Sex in Pregnancy is Broken!

Pregnant women often feels reluctant to have sex. The reason been that, it may harm or affect the unborn baby in the uterus. However, it is a normal act to have sex during pregnancy.

There shouldn’t be any restrictions attach to your sexual life during pregnancy unless there is a medical condition restrictions such as:

  • Pain during sex
  • Vaginal bleeding or bleeding after sex
  • Leaking amniotic fluid
  • You are pregnant with multiple ( more than one baby)
  • You have a history of miscarriage, preterm labor or
  • Preterm birth

Intercourse movement doesn’t affect the developing baby. However, many doctors suggest avoiding sex during the final weeks of pregnancy as a safety precaution. They believe that the presence of hormones in semen can trigger or stimulate contractions and can lead to preterm labor.

There are different changes that may arise during pregnancy when having sex. Some women are fortunate to enjoy smooth sex due to vaginal fluid changes. But not all women are so lucky, some may feel tired due to hormonal changes and the influx of blood.

#1. Doggy style- from Behind

sex position during pregnancy with partner behind
Doggy style

Rear entry is normally recommended in the third trimester of pregnancy since the process can put pressure on your uterus says licensed marriage and sex therapist Catherine Ankomah, PhD.

Support yourself up on your knees and hands and allow your partner enter you from behind. But it should be slow and gentle and communicate about your feelings throughout the process.

This will allow your partner to decide the extend to go. Your cervix is usually sensitive during this time, and of all the sex positions while pregnant, this one opens you up to deep penetration.

#2.Against the wall

sex position with woman against the wall with the partner behind her
Against the Wall

Against the wall is one of the best sex positions during pregnancy which shares many similarities with as the rear-entry, but this provide extra support from the wall.

You stand facing the wall with your legs spread and hands lean against the wall above your shoulder height, whiles your partner slides slow inside.

This one is also preferred during the third trimester since less pressure is put on the uterus.

#3. Cow Girl

sex position with the woman on top of the partner
Cow Girl

Take charge for your position. This one provide the necessary comfort and help your partner to have access to your breast, which are more sensitive when it comes to sexual gratification.

Have your partner lie down on his back, kneel next to him, spread your legs whiles facing forward. Then lower yourself down and begin riding up and down depending on how comfortable you may feel.

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#4. Reverse Cow Girl

sex positions with woman on top of the man facing the toes
Reverse Cow Girl

This is kind of sex position during pregnancy is quite similar to cow girl but, this time in the reverse manner. Here your partner lie down on his back and you sit facing his toes.

Among the different sex positions in pregnancy, this one also gives you much control in the process since the depth of penetration, speed, and angles are all determined by you.

Aside that, G-spot sensitivity can be high and provide you with different and more intense orgasmic response.

#5. Edge of the bed

sex position in pregnancy at the edge of the bed
Edge of the bed

Position your bottom to the side of the bed and lie on your back with knees bent or legs opened. You can support your backs with a pillow to prevent completely lying flat on your back especially when it’s after the first trimester.

Your partner can kneel or stand depending on the height of the bed.

#6. Side by Side-facing each other

sex position in pregnancy with both partner facing each other
side by side -facing each other

Lie down facing your partner and have him move his legs over yours and enter you from an angle.

This is one of the best sex positions during pregnancy for extra intimacy because both partners can look in each other’s face.

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#7. Side by side, at an angle

sex positions in pregnancy with couples at an angle side by side
side by side at an angle

Side by side at an angle is one of the best sex positions in pregnancy says Catherine Ankomah, licensed marriage and sex therapist.

Both lies on your side, your bodies forming a V-shape. You can support your back with a pillow as you face your partner and rest both legs over his hip.

This position reduces pressure on your on your uterus and most weight off your belly.

#8. Side by side from behind-(Spoon)

sex position during pregnancy where the man lies behind the woman

Lie down in your side and have your partner draw in next to your back, entering from your back. “Spooning may be recommended at the third trimester” and it’s the best third trimester sex position says Catherine Ankomah, licensed marriage and sex therapist.

Aside been good in the third trimester, it provide much comfort since deep penetration is difficult to achieve which is good for your cervix.

#9. “Missionary” Position

sex position during pregnancy where the man lies on the woman
missionary position

“Missionary” position is one of the sex positions to try in your first trimester of pregnancy.

Lie on your back and allow your partner enter you with your legs open. Support your back with pillow so that you are flat on your back and make sure your partner supports himself to reduce his body weight on your uterus.

#10. On a Chair

sex position during pregnancy with couples in a chair
On a chair

This is one of the best sex positions during pregnancy especially in the second trimester.

It should be done with much care since this position allow more entry or penetration.

You should communicate with your partner to determine how fast or slow you want it.

The chair should be Sturdy, and position it near a wall.


which of the 10 best sex positions during pregnancy that you will like to practice during your period of pregnancy? . Sex is very special and binds couples together during pregnancy. i believe through this article the myth concerning sex in pregnancy has been broken and now you have developed new skills and strategies in your sex life.

You can share your experience in the comment section below or ask my any question concerning this article and i will be more than able to help you out.

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