14 shocking reasons why your Baby might be crying always.

14 shocking reasons why your Baby might be crying always and how to soothe her

The overall health outcome of your baby depend on you as a mother and as a matter of fact, it is the responsibility of you the mother to take care of your baby.

By the end of the article you will get to know 14 shocking reasons why your baby might be crying always and the necessary steps to soothe her.

Lucky for you, that is exactly what  am going to share with you in this post:

  1. Stomach problems from colic & gas
  2.  Hungry
  3. your baby is either too cold or too hot
  4. needs to be held or wants stimulation
  5. your baby might be tired and may need rest
  6.  diaper is dirty
  7. she might not be feeling well
  8.  exposed to sun rays or heavy light
  9. needs less stimulation
  10.  teething pain
  11.  need to burp
  12.  diaper rush
  13.  strap on the car seat are uncomfortable
  14. she might be sitting on something uncomfortable in a car

#1. Hunger

Hunger might be the number one reason why a baby might cry, the size of a bay stomach is very small and as such a little content of breast milk or food can be stored at a time. Frequent feeding your baby will reduce the time interval for hunger.

How well have you studied your baby? Try to get to know your baby well since this will help you know her feeding pattern. It is a good habit to consistently feed your baby regularly especially when your baby is under breast feeding to avoid hunger.

When your baby is full, she will let you know she’s had enough by coming off your breast in her own time.

#2. Stomach problems from colic and gas

If your baby cries a lot, but is otherwise healthy, she may have colic. One of the sign that shows that your baby is suffering from colic is when she cries after feeding.

It is so common in babies and most health professionals may simply think it’s a normal developmental stage. Aside that, leaving a baby with colic can be harmful to your baby and at times helpful strategies for soothing a colicky baby might help.

Try putting her on her back, grasping her feet, and moving her legs in a gentle paddling or bicycling motion.

#3. Your baby is either too cold or too hot

Babies prefer to be held warm than been too cold but not too warm. Usually the clothes or dress might be the contributing factor. 

Put on long sleeve bodysuit if it’s too cold. Babies are less likely to react about being too warm than being too cold and vigorously cry about it.

#4. Needs to be held or wants stimulation

Loneliness is something every creature turns to avoid, and I believe your baby wouldn’t comply with that either.

Babies needs a lot of cuddling. They like to see their parents face, like to be held, to listen to their voice and even feel their amazing smell. Crying is a sign of asking to be held close.

Try to adopt the habit of carrying your baby along with you by wearing your baby in a front sling.

“” MY daughter loves to be with me always and usually cry uncontrollably anytime I leave her. She quickly pauses crying when I attend to her and cuddle her in my arms’’

  • – Janet

#5. Your baby might be tired and needs rest

One of the common reasons why a baby might cry is as a result of been tired and may need rest.

But at times they may find it difficult to sleep and may burst into unreasonable cry. 

A tired baby usually look dull and often irritated and the best way to do as a mother is to provide enough ventilation and conducive for sleeping.

You might also try to carry her at your back.

#6. Dirty diaper

Some babies can accommodate with dirty diapers, but often not, others cannot and this may be the cause of your baby crying.

The best approach is to constantly change diapers to avoid itching and irritation

#7. Your baby might not be feeling well

If you have met your baby’s basic requirement and she is still crying, it could be she is showing a sign of illness and the necessary steps to take is to check her body temperature to rule out fever and be alert for other signs of illness.

Usually, the cry of a sick baby is different from the one caused by other factors such as teething, hunger or thirst.

If your baby’s crying doesn’t sound “good” consider calling your doctor.

#8. She might be exposed to Sun rays or strong light

Babies react quickly to external factors such as sun rays or strong light. Either in the room or outside.

Examine that your baby is not exposed to a lot of light rays since it can be frustration to your baby. Put a sunscreen over the window, especially if you live in a place with a lot of sun shine.

Avoid strong light in the room since it might interfere with your baby’s vision.

#9. Your baby might want less stimulation

Babies learn from the stimulation of the people around them, but sometimes they become confused and over stimulated and may try to avoid that by crying.

Try to learn from your baby’s reactions to noise, light, being passed from “hand to hand”.

Crying can be a baby’s way of telling you “it is too much”

#10. Teething pain

Teething can be painful as each new tooth comes with its own pain and might be a causative factor resulting to your baby crying always.

Some babies are more sensitive to pain than others, but in all teething is usually a stage of pain and frustration in the life cycle of a baby.

Teething usually starts between 4 to 7 months and in others might happen earlier. During teething, the body temperature of your baby may rise but can’t be scientifically be proven to be a sign of fever although some parents admits that.

Swollen sensitive gums, trouble sleeping, irritability or fussiness.

#11. Needs to burp

Babies swallow air when breast feed or suck from bottle and this may lead to air accumulation and discomfort.

Although burping isn’t mandatory, but if your baby cries after breast feeding, a good burp may help

#12. Diaper rash

Diaper rush is a single common reason why a baby might cry. Most babies have sensitive skin and may react to diapers for shortest period.

To avoid this, frequently check your baby diaper and change it. I recommend you use good diaper to sustain your baby for long.

#13. Straps on the car seat are uncomfortable

Loosening a properly fitted harness is quite difficult, but make sure the straps are not getting closer into the sides of their neck

#14. she might be sitting on something uncomfortably in a car seat

Your baby might be crying in a car with no reason. Check if your baby is comfortable in the car seat.


The health of a baby is a major concern to every mother and as such there is the need to consider these factors in order to maintain a healthy baby.

believe i have covered most of the shocking reasons why your baby might be crying always and if there is anything been left out i will be more than happy to hear from you in the comment section below or if there is any question bordering you, kindly let me know and i will be happy to hear from you.

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    • surely, since the overall health of the baby lies in the hands of the mother, and as such they are advice to take a closer look at their babies since the least carelessness can lead to something fatal and devastating

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    • Thank you for your question Seid, the points outlined are very crucial for maternal women who are now caring for their babies. The article explains the major reason why your baby might be crying and the best way to soothe. Most experts believe that these factors can be the major reasons why a baby might be crying always and hence it is the responsibility of the mother to look out for these signs first and if the problem persist, then the mother is required to see her doctor for further diagnosis.
      the whole article covers both developed or developing babies since either of them can be exposed to these factors already explained, hunger , colic, stimulation and others can results in frequent crying of babies.

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