15 best ways of managing your business as a Nursing mother

What to do when caring for your baby eats your minutes? Use these simple time management tips to do more with less time and achieve great accomplishment as a Nursing mother in your business.

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Managing your business or job and caring for your baby as a Nursing mother has never been easier. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and you may not be able to avoid chaos altogether, but with these essential time-saving tips, you will be able to maximize your time and make the most out of your precious minutes.


#1. Schedule things ahead of time

As a nursing mother always look for ways to minimize time spent on daily or weekly activities. Try to do things in bulk, for instance prepare as much as you can for the next day. Buy things in bulk and set the table for the next meal.

Achieving much in your business as a nursing mother can be challenging, but planning ahead of time can be more helpful.


#2. Involve in multitasking

Getting job done during downtime can help you achieve more ahead of time in your business as a nursing mother.

Go over your child’s homework whiles you are waiting for food to be ready. Pay your bill while on your way to work, manage voice calls with headset whiles doing other activities in the kitchen.


#3. Social media time management

Social media is an interesting place to go but can be time-consuming if set time limits are not met.

Managing your business and caring for your baby as a nursing mother requires discipline and self-determination.

To avoid this, limit your availability to social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others) by regulating your phone access to data.

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#4. Assess your time

Examine how you can spend your time. Experts say that most people spend up to an hour a day on tasks that could be get rid from their schedule or put on hold.

Avoid wasting time on things that doesn’t matter. Always be on point and consider your needs before your wants.

Always divide your to-do-list into three sections, those things that need to be taken care of immediately, those that can be done anytime within the week and those that are long term agenda.

#5. Take strong decision

Caring for your baby and managing your business can be time demanding and as such you wouldn’t give extra room for time wasting. Learn to say ‘No’ to certain life styles that can waste your precious time.

You don’t have to attend every party, PTA, chaperone all fields’ trips or take on additional task or activity.

Deciding to avoid ceremonial or social gathering can be tough, but is a skill that saves time you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

#6. Have enough sleep

When not on duty, prioritize your sleep so that you can regain your strength and energy. Develop the habit of having a nap when under stress else you will waste the whole day without achieving your set goals.

Schedule sleep like any other activity and go to bed on time so you can regain strength the next day.


#7. There is nothing like perfection

Most nursing mothers have the idea of always getting things done in the right way. It doesn’t exist, therefore you can’t achieve it.

Instead of always cleaning an already cleaned house or perceiving on intangible ideas (like being the “best” mom or having the “perfect” figure), find out a better way to make use of your time.

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#8. Avoid taking unnecessary responsibilities

Stop owning other peo


ple staff. Nursing mothers usually have the habit of taking multi- responsibilities if no one helps. How many times have you been saying to yourself “Never mind, I will do it myself”? Probably more than you would like.

We tend to take more than one task and it is a usually a time waster. The solution? Allow others get involved and allow others manage their own duties and this may include your children, spouse and house mates.


#9. Use internet to your advantage

Managing your business and caring for your baby as a nursing mother can be done easier if the internet becomes your most used tool for completing most online tasks.

Save time by doing a thorough research on an item before you head out to the store, pay bills online and buy gifts from the web sites and saves yourself from long queue.

#10. Self-organize

To be proficient in your business and more productive as a nursing mother requires strict self-organize. Keep your baby’s food at one place, assemble washing equipment in one place, keep all prescribed medications in a safe place and in all get a file cabinet and keep a copy of everything.

#11. Learn to sort things

Sorting items in your house tend to make accessibility easy and foster early work done. Can you imagine using the whole day looking for one item? Imagine how frustrating it could be!.

To avoid this, always try to consolidate things to make searching easier. Keep things of the same “subject” or “form” in one place.


Managing a business and been a nursing mother the same time has never been easy and that’s why I believe this tips can be of help to every nursing mother managing a business. I believe adopting any of these tips outlined will foster easy turn out in your business and enhance a healthy lifestyle in your baby’s life and the family as a whole.

If the article has been of help to you or enjoyed reading it, kindly share your thoughts and if there is anything bothering you kindly leave a comment below and I will be more than able to help you.

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