23 Healthy tips to consider as a pregnant woman

Getting Pregnant and maintaining it throughout your nine months journey as pregnant woman hasn’t been easy. It requires self-discipline and adherence to your practitioner, parents and friends advice.

With all these people around you, there are lots of knowledge you may miss which might be a lifesaving to both your baby and yourself. That’s is why I have systematically listed 23 tips to consider when pregnant.

These can be an additional information to help guide you aside from the other information you may already know. Now let’s begin.

#1. See your practitioner during pregnancy

One of the major important things to consider during the time of pregnancy is to make a weekly or monthly appointment with your practitioner. This helps to find out any uncertainty that may cause an obstruction to your unborn baby. It helps you to know you are on right track and that gives you relief of any fear concerning pregnancy.

Booking an appointment with your practitioner is the time to ask him or her of any questions bordering you. Face to face interactions helps you to understand the information provided by your practitioner.

#2. Change your eating habits- Include varieties of foods

Are you fond of eating one food always? It is time to change your eating habit. During pregnancy the mother shares nutrients with the growing baby (fetus).

One pattern of eating habit means you are depriving your baby from gaining access to important nutrients required for better development of delicate organs such as the brain and eyes.  

#3. Exercise

Do you know that exercise is one of the important habit to adopt as a pregnant woman?


Experts believe that regular exercise as a pregnant woman may help to reduce the risk of miscarriage, reduce labor complications, and helps you to determine any-body changes.

23 tips to consider as a pregnant woman
Pregnant woman exercising

#4. Educate your self

Getting pregnant is not as difficult as keeping the pregnancy. That’s why it becomes a requirement to always learn something new throughout your nine months period of pregnancy.

Parents and friends who have already experience what you are now going through can be of great source of information to you.

As the saying goes “experienced is the great teacher”. You may never know how useful that information’s acquired can be of help to you especially during a state of emergency.

#5. Read books about pregnancy

Now you are in the state of transformation and you begins to see a lot of changes happening to your body. To better understand certain signs and symptoms, you need to read books concerning pregnancy and child birth.

Most parents turn to depend only on their doctor’s advice and may end up in a dilemma when danger strike.

As a pregnant woman, you must arm yourself always to face the inevitable situations in your life. Knowing how to interpret certain signs and symptoms will help you to better communicate with your doctor.

#6. Avoid smoking

During pregnancy, it’s the responsibility of the mother to do whatever she can to protect the fertilized egg.

Experts believe that certain life style such as smoking can easily harm the formation of the fetus and can lead to various forms of complications such as ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth and underweight baby.

If you find it difficult quitting smoking, talk to your doctor.

23 healthy tips tips consider as a pregnant woman
Pregnant Woman Smoking Cigarette

#7. Take your pre & postnatal multi-vitamins serious

Usually vitamins are prescribed by doctors during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Folic acid and iron III are the major ingredients in these prescribed vitamins.

It helps both the mother and the baby to gain strong bones and energy. It is also essential for cell growth reproduction.

A pregnant woman refusing to take her vitamins puts both herself and the baby in danger.

#8. Insist to be accompanied by your spouse during hospital checkup

The burden of pregnancy is too heavy for you to bear them all. Insist to be accompanied by your spouse or family member for checkups. It helps them to understand you in your daily actions at home.

They get to know the major forbidden actions cautioned by your doctor and they act in accordance with it and this will help sustain your help.

#9. Avoid drug abuse.

Always ask your practitioner or doctor before taking any chemicals. Doing this can help you avoid the dangers of chemical contamination and any future occurrence which might risk the health of your baby and yourself.

#10. Make your pregnancy be known to physicians

Never hide your pregnancy from physicians especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. This will guide the thoughts and actions of physicians concerning the choice and type of medicine purposely for pregnant women.

It helps the physician to rightly inform you about the major side effects that may happen as a result of the medication.

#11. Have enough sleep-Nap!

Ample sleep 7 -9 hours a day is important for you and your baby. Try to sleep on your left side to enhance good blood circulation to you and your unborn baby.

#12. Drink enough water

Drink six to eight-ounce glasses of water a day. It is important to drink a lot of water since almost all the delicate organs in the body depends on fluids for it daily activities.

According to experts, there are a lot of developmental stages the fetus goes through to become a matured baby and water is a major requirement to enhance and facilitates these processes

#13. Feed on more calories

Feeding on calories is one major requirement for a pregnant women since they turn to lose energy and easily get fatigue due to the burden or extra weight the growing fetus puts on the mother.

To help replenish your energy and sustain your health, calories will be your choice of food to feed on. Calories rich food such as grains and cereals (wheat, rice, oats, maize, buckwheat and millet) will help.

#14. Design a menu chart

As the saying goes “Failing to plan is to plan to fail” eating a well-balanced healthy food is a major need of every pregnant woman, but failing to plan your daily menu can lead you astray.

You will end up eating an unbalanced diet which at the end can affect the development of your baby.

#15. Review the signs of labor

Make a conscious effort to review the signs of labor and warning signs. Observe every changes and make considerable judgment of yourself.

#16. Eats foods with Fiber (fruits and vegetables)

Fiber contains roughage which stimulates intestinal peristalsis or movement. This enhances your body’s ability to get rid of toxins from the body and keep you healthy.

Detoxification is an important factor in the life of a pregnant woman, but the best way to induce it is by the use of natural foods.

Consider a variety of fruits and vegetables such as banana, melon, cucumber, Carrots, wholes grains and beans.

#17. Eat healthy snacks

Consider low-fat or fat free snacks .Healthy snacks include those that have a considerable amount of vitamins, low in fat, sugar and sodium.

These includes (eggs, fruits and vegetables, lean cheese, lean meats, nuts and seeds)

#18. Avoid high energy demanding work

One of the risk of losing your baby as a pregnant woman especially in the first trimester is to avoid high energy demanding work.

The distance between the opening of the uterus ( internal os) and the opening into the vagina ( cervical opening) is very short, and hence involving in energy demanding work generates more pressure on the opening of the uterus which can lead to miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.

#19. Avoid vigorous sex

It is good to have sex during pregnancy, except your doctor has advice you to avoid it base on any medical condition. But extreme or vigorous sex can be harmful to your pregnancy.

It can cause premature labor and even serious consequences. It should be done in a proper position in order to avoid any harm to the unborn baby.

If you are confuse of the best sex position for you, inform you doctor.

#20. Ensure personal Hygiene

During pregnancy, personal hygiene should be considered an utmost important. Lack of personal hygiene can lead to disease acquisition affecting both the mother and the unborn baby.

Infectious diseases are the major concern here. Wash hands properly before and after eating, vaginal hygiene should be considered highly since any infections can easily be passed to the unborn baby and finally observe breast hygiene

#21. Your dress code matters

It is very important as a pregnant woman to consider your choice of dress. There are a lot of metabolism that occur daily and your choice of cloth can affect your health and your unborn baby.

Consider the weather and identify the best wear that goes with it. Avoid too tight clothing since it can lead to stress and make sure you stay warm in a cold environment.

23 healthy tips to consider as a pregnant woman
Pregnant woman in good dress

#22. Ensure safety at home

Pregnant women are always weak due to their condition and as such their safety at home should be a major concern.

Avoiding accident or fall at home should be the utmost priority since any harm caused cannot be reversed. Arrange your home equipment in order and make sure your bath floor is not a treat to you.

#23. Try to reduce stress

Stress in pregnancy is inevitable but can be managed. Reducing stress is very crucial in predicting the birth outcome. Get your families (children and husband) involved in housework and other duties.


I hope I have covered most of the tips to consider when pregnant. These tips are very crucial to the health of both the mother and the unborn baby. It is a major requirement to observe these factors as a pregnant woman in order to have a safe delivery and a good health for your baby and yourself.

Do you know of any other factor which can help maintain the health and safety of a pregnant woman? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment session below or if there is any question bordering your mind, I will be more than able to help you with.

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